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Bill's Jeep Page

My 1990 XJ

This is my 1990 Jeep Cherokee. 4.0L, 5-speed, Command-Track, Laredo. Very stock, but very nice. This picture was taken in Saltese Montata the day after I bought the rig. This is the last anything before Idaho and the place I lost an alternator the year before durring Emergency Travel Only conditions in my Subaru. This XJ, then my father's, was the "rescue" vehicle.

FSJ Limo

This FSJ was seen at the Silver Tip Caino in Missoula Montana in January of 1998. From the markings and license plate, I would say they own it...

Installing a variable dealy rear wiper in an XJ

An intire page on installing a variable delay wiper on an XJ. Have fun!

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